Cold Weather, Again...

We had some nice weather for about 2 weeks, and now it is getting cold again. It snowed a little bit yesterday. Winter is a particularly hard time to get the dogs the exercise that they need -- mostly because I don't like to go out in it unless I have to! I take care of the horses and the dogs get to go with me to the barn several times per day, but other than that I like to stay inside where it is warm.

I took the dogs out today, and they had a lot of pent-up energy. They enjoy their playtime!

Agility Training for Boerboels

I started training Azaan in Agility about 9 months ago. I never intended to compete her in Agility, but who knows? I never thought I would train her beyond the Beginners Agility course, and now we are in Handlers classes. Azaan has fun with it, and seems to enjoy it.

The main reason I wanted to start her in Agility was to give her additional time to mature, while teaching focus, off leash work, send-aways and advanced commands. All of the trainers that we have worked with have told me that Azaan is the most athletic large dog they have ever seen. Most trainers do not recommend Agility for dogs over 100 pounds -- until they saw Azaan!

During Fall, Winter and Spring, Agility classes are held in an indoor soccer arena. There are lots of distractions -- about 8 - 10 other dogs, and about 12 - 14 people are in the room, along with lots of soccer balls! Often children will come up to the second floor to watch the training sessions. On the first floor of the soccer arena are lots of people playing soccer -- so there is a lot of noise as soccer balls are hitting the walls. It is a noisy environment, but the artificial surface is soft and forgiving on the dogs feet and legs. In the Summer, we train outside.

The following photo shows Azaan on the Table, focused on my eyes (I am out of the picture, but I am standing there). In Beginner's Agility, all dogs are worked on leash. When you get into the more advanced classes, work is performed off leash.

Bear with some of these photos, as they are a little bit fuzzy. We had very low lighting conditions in the arena. I should have turned the flash on my camera, but I thought the lighting was sufficient. Live and learn! You can see a little bit of my arm as Azaan goes over the oxer jump.

I included the following photo (even though it is blurry) because it shows Azaan's enthusiasm as she exits the Agility Chute.

Azaan headed towards a jump. Notice my hand in the far left of the photo.

I don't always jump Azaan at full height, mostly to save wear and tear on her legs. Most of Agility work is not about the obstacles, but more about focus and control.

We are taking a break from Aglity for about 2 months. Butler Dog Training Association, where I train, had a 6-week session that started on January 18th. I was planning to go to Florida for a few weeks, so I did not sign up for the class. We will start training again in early March.

Fun in the Snow -- Spunky Boerboel Puppy

Jaf (6 months) and Azaan (26 months) love playing together. I took them into the field, and left them play with the lunge whip. Do you get the impression that Boerboels have a lot of energy? Mine do! These are not lazy couch-potato Mastiffs!

A Serious Little Monster

Jaf is one very serious boy at 6 months old.

Then he turns into a monster! I am glad Azaan is the one to take most of his antics. She can handle it!

Mr. Stud Muffin Marks His Territory

Jaf started lifting his leg to pee when he was about 4-1/2 months old. I have owned many male puppies, but none of them ever started to lift their leg this young. Mr. Stud Muffin thinks he is cool. He sort of reminds me of the "John Wayne" of dogs -- big and tough. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts smoking Marlboros and drinking bourbon soon (only joking)!

I love my little (not so little) 6-month-old puppy from Quo Vadis Boerboels!

Deer Rack of Bones

Not all of the deer make it out of hunting season alive. This one that Azaan found looks like he has been dead for quite some time. Yum, yum!

Deer in Pennsylvania

It is the end of deer hunting season, but we still have tons of deer running around! I love seeing them in the pastures.

Psycho Boerboel Romping in the Cold Water

Azaan loves to run and play; in fact, she will run all day if you let her. Our weather was bitterly cold in Southwestern Pennsylvania for about 2 weeks, and it is now just starting to warm up. It has been above freezing for the last several days, so I decided to take the dog into the woods.

Azaan loves water. As soon as she sees it she likes to splash around and zoom in it. Jaf doesn't quite keep up with her, but he tries to get in on the game too. Azaan is 26 months old, and Jaf is 6 months.

If you listen closely, you will hear how fast the water is running in the little creek. It is so soothing to listen to!

Video -- Azaan and Jaf Play with Flirt Pole

The dogs love to play with a flirt pole, but today they decided they did not need me to work the controls. I was too busy taking videos anyway! I attached Jaf's stuffed animal to the end of the pole. If you hear chirping, the little stuffed bird tweets when it gets pressure. I purchased the little stuffed bird for under $5 at Tractor Supply. Jaf just turned 6 months old, and Azaan is 25 months.

Video -- Azaan Plays with Drain Pipe

Don't ask! Azaan just loves playing with her drain pipe. A chipmunk ran into it this Summer, and she pulled it out of the ground to get at the chipmunk. Now it is one of her favorite toys.

Video -- Azaan Plays with Egge in Snow

I guess snow has its purpose, at least the dogs seem to enjoy it. Enjoy the video of Azaan playing with her toy egge in the snow.