Little Sewickley Creek -- September 15, 2009

It was a beautiful warm day and our Summer is coming to an end in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I took the opportunity to take the dogs to the creek for a splash. Azaan loves the water, and this is Jaf's second time in the water. He is growing so fast, it is hard to believe my eyes!

The Little Sewickley Creek is a branch off the Big Sewickley Creek, and it is in a very beautiful area surrounded by forest groves in Sewickley Heights, Bell Acres and Sewickley Hills, Pennsylvania. In the Spring and early Summer, the Creek banks are nearly overflowing with large pockets of water where the dogs can swim. We have had a relatively dry late Summer, so the Creek is just trickling. It provides enough enjoyment for the dogs that they can splash around in it. I was glad it was fairly dry since this was only Jaf's second experience in water. He is 11 weeks old in these photos.

Jefferson National Forest -- September 13, 2009

On our way back from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, we took a little detour and stopped at Jefferson National Forest to let the dogs stretch their legs. Jefferson National Forest is comprised of over 690,000 acres of land located in Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. The forest contains 2,340 miles of perennial streams, of which over 1,000 miles are trout waters.
Jaf was 10 weeks old when we visited the Forest. He is a brave and confident puppy. He did not hesitate to take it upon himself to explore the foot bridge across one of the streams. Azaan went over the foot bridge too, but she preferred playing in the water. (She is a major water loving dog.) It was a hot weekend, so the dogs enjoyed dipping in the cool, refreshing water. This was Jaf's first experience in water, and he was fine with it. On the last photo you will see that he completely soaked his tummy in the water.

Azaan and Jaf Travel to South Carolina to go Racing!

We had to make an unexpected trip from Southwestern Pennsylvania to South Carolina the weekend of September 12 - 13th to deliver an important race car part to my brother who was racing that weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park. When I say "unexpected", I really mean unexpected. We got a call at 10:00 p.m. Friday night from my brother that he needed something out of his race car shop for early Saturday morning. Since the trip was approximately 520 miles one-way, we had to leave pronto in order to make it to the race. We packed a few clothes, loaded up the dogs and we were on our way within an hour. Approximately 9 hours later, we arrived in South Carolina bright and early Saturday morning. On time! The team cheered us as we saved their day.

Power's Legendary Azaan, South African Boerboel Mastiff
Key to taking dogs to an event like this is that they are confident and well behaved. I knew Azaan would be fine as she had to spend over 60 days in a hotel room as I traveled on business last year. She has been traveling with me since I got her 1-1/2 years ago. I thought Jaf would be fine too, and I was right. Here is a photo of the dogs hanging out in the cold pits with the crew. They know how to chill out, even with the hustle and bustle of huge crowds of people and activities all around them. Jaf is 10 weeks old in these photos.

The Great Dane and the Boxer also enjoyed the racing weekend. These were two very well behaved dogs, both of them rescues! Azaan got an opportunity to meet them (Jaf was sleeping). The Boxer gave her big kisses in the face. He has a really long tongue!

Jaf (10 weeks) and the Dangerous Tights

It really makes no sense to buy expensive toys for dogs. I handed them a pair of old tights that were at the bottom of one of my drawers, and voila, they figured out how to have fun. (I need to clean out my drawers more often.) Jaf was a tough guy beating up the dangerous tights!! Trust me, the tights are now very dead.

It's a Jaf Attack! -- September 10, 2009

Jaf is a crazy pup, but so is Azaan! They love playing together.

Jaf and Azaan at the Wexford Starlite Car Cruise - September 4, 2009

I like to take the dogs out for socialization so that they can get used to crowds and activities. Jaf is 9-1/2 weeks old in these photos, and it is the first week of his arrival in the United States. Both dogs took everything in stride, and loved the attention!
Baby Jaf's registered name is Quo Vadis Barracuda from Quo Vadis Boerboels,, so I thought it was appropriate that he could get his picture taken in front of a car that was named after him -- a Plymouth Barracuda! He sat very nicely with a friendly stranger while I took his picture.

About 30 minutes after being at the car show, Jaf decided he needed a nap. The kids took advantage of the situation and swarmed around him to pet him. Jaf didn't mind; in fact, he slept through it!

Boerboels are usually reserved with strangers, and Azaan was no exception. I did a lot of socialization with her at a young age, and it has finally paid off. Boerboels are protective of their property and family, but they should be able to interact with friendly strangers. Boerboels can sense when their family is in danger, and will react accordingly. At the car cruise, people were friendly and the dogs were relaxed and social.
Azaan is meeting another new stranger in this picture. She is finally starting to enjoy the attention from friendly people. It is not natural for a dog to accept hugs from strangers, but Azaan is confident and social. I am blonde, so she especially likes blondes!

The two of them saw a man in a wheelchair, and were immediately drawn to him and made a friend. Azaan is a certified Therapy Dog, as she earned her TDI (Therapy Dog International) title in April 2009 when she was just a little over 1 year old.
Jaf decided he needed to give some kisses too.

Ok, Azaan likes men too.

Jaf is only 9-1/2 weeks old in these pictures, but he is a hunk!

The Wexford Starlite Car Cruise had over 3,000 custom and antique cars on display. It is a great car cruise in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and is held every Friday night during the Summer. This picture is not a Boerboel, but I had to include it since it was such a cute little doggie riding in a convertible at the cruise. His Mom looks so proud of him!

And let's not forget the flame eater. His performance was scary!

Jaffa is a Nut!

These are photos of Jaf's first week in the United States taken in early September 2009 while playing with his new big stepsister, Azaan. Azaan is also a South African Boerboel, bred by Power's Legendary Boerboels in New Jersey, and she is 21 months old in these pictures. This is Jaf's first week living with us, and he is 9 weeks old in these photos. Jaf was bred by Jenny Wells of Quo Vadis Boerboels, in South Africa. The two of them love to play together! As typical active young Boerboels, they love to play rough.

Introducing Quo Vadis Barracuda (aka Jaf), 9 weeks old

Quo Vadis Barracuda (aka Jaf) arrived at Washington DC Dulles International Airport in the USA after a 30+ hour flight from South Africa. He was 9 weeks old when he arrived. Jaf was born with 10 other littermates on a 600 acre sugar cane farm in the North Coast region of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. His dam is Mizpah Minnie (aka Mousey) and his sire is Grasland GBT Ozzy. He was bred by Jenny Wells of Quo Vadis Boerboels,

This photo shows Jaf in his crate upon arrival from South Africa. He was howling and howling to get out of the crate. The authorities had him in a secure area on a pallet behind locked doors pending completion of his paperwork into the United States.

We brought food, water, towels and blankets so that we would be prepared for Jaf's arrival. As soon as we got him out of the airport, we went to a grassy area nearby so that he could stretch his legs. He was very happy to get out of the crate! He then had to ride in the car on the way home while sitting on my sister's lap.

This photo shows Jaf on his first day in the US when he was 9 weeks old. Jaf now lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania on a small horse farm.

Before we took him home, we had planned an off site introduction to Azaan. Boerboels can be very territorial of their home and property, so we wanted to make sure that Jaf's introduction to Azaan would go smoothly. Azaan has been well socialized with people and dogs, so I knew she would be fine with Jaf in a neutral meeting area. The introduction was uneventful, and now they are the best of friends.

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), a male Boerboel puppy, 9 weeks old

Introduction to Boerboel Farm Dog Blog

Thank you for visiting the Boerboel blog. This blog has been created to share information about Boerboels, especially as it relates to their life in a working situation. Although a Boerboel may look like the traditional Mastiff, these are not couch potatoes! They thrive on interaction with their family, and they need work and activity to keep them well adjusted.

I have a 22-month old Irish-marked brindle female named Azaan that was purchased in New Jersey, USA from Power's Legendary Boerboels. I recently added a second puppy nicknamed Jaffa. Jaffa's registered name is Quo Vadis Barracuda, and he was imported from Quo Vadis Boerboels located in the North Coast region of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, Jaf just turned 15 weeks old. He flew into Washington DC Dulles International Airport when he was 9 weeks old. He was completely housebroken in less than a week after his arrival.  He has had zero "accidents" indoors.

Through this blog I will share my experiences in raising and training Boerboels from puppyhood into adulthood. Hopefully readers will learn a little bit more about what to expect from a Boerboel, and determine if this is the right dog for their family and environment.

I will also be providing breeder referrals and advice for those who are looking to add a Boerboel into their home. When selecting a Boerboel puppy, make sure to check to see if both parents are registered with one of the Boerboel registries, SABT, EBBASA, ABC (American Boerboel Club) USBA (United States Boerboel Association), AKC FSS (AKC Foundation Stock Service). Secondly, make sure that you get references from other Boerboel owners as they have plenty of experience and knowledge about Boerboels and which breeders are selling proven stock. Most importantly, make sure that your puppy comes from parents who have been health-tested for HD, ED, entropian, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or simply want to talk Boerboels. Enjoy your visit!