Working Boerboel Events/Seminars

It is exciting that there are some groups organizing some working events for Boerboels.  I plan to attend both events with Azaan and Jaf.  

The American Boerboel Club is hosting several fun and educational events in early 2012.  A two-day tracking seminar is scheduled for the end of March 2012, and a herding instinct test (HIC) is along with a temperament test (ATTS) is scheduled for May 2012.  All events are open to all breeds, with preference given to Boerboels.  

The temperament test and HIC test are scheduled for May 5th and 6th, and they are being conducted at Keepstone Farm in Berryville, VA.  The two-day tracking seminar is scheduled for March 31-April 1, and it is being held in Upper Marlboro, MD.  All breeds and beginner trackers are welcome.

It sounds like a great time!  Please come out and join us.  For additional information and to sign-up, visit:  

American Boerboel Club Upcoming Events