Boerboel Fun

Jaf just turned 7 months old in these photos. He really is turning into quite the young man! Back in September, he arrived here on a plane from South Africa as a little tyke. It must hurt to grow that fast. Luckily, Azaan is still athletic enough and has enough confidence that she can handle his antics. They love to play together. I cannot wait until Spring so that I can get them both back into training. Playing with each other is fine, but training and work is a much better way to burn energy in my opinion.

I was planning to go to Florida in January and February, but my plans got foiled when one of my horses came up lame. Hopefully I will be able to start formal training with the dogs again in mid-March.

Jaf tries his best to stand up to Azaan. Azaan is my 26-month-old brindle bitch from Power's Legendary Boerboels located in New Jersey. Jaf, 7 months, hails from Quo Vadis Boerboels located in the Kwa Zulu Natal region of South Africa. Both dogs are confident and environmentally stable.

Jaf plays with an old backpack in the snow. What fun!

I love the way the snow is blowing out of Jaf's mouth in this picture.

Jaf practices his tackles.

Jaf thinks he is a cutting horse. Either that, or he can't figure out which way to go. Either way, he can cut some moves.

Nothing like stretching the legs in a run!

A sweet little neck bite. Jaf and Azaan really know how to have fun!

Jaf shows off his ripped physique.

Boerboels Play in Really Deep Snow!!

We have had a record-setting snowfall for February in Western Pennsylvania. According to the National Weather Service, there has not been this much snow since the late 1800's. Our friends to the South in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area have had over 3 feet of snow. We have about 2 feet, but we are expecting another 4 to 6 inches tomorrow.

The only redeeming thing about the snow is that the dogs seem to enjoy it. These pictures show Azaan, 26 months, and Jaffa, 7 months, romping and having fun in the white stuff.

Azaan is the brindle female, 26 months, and she won the plastic coffee can from Jaffa, 7 months.

Jaf, 7 months, figured he might be able to block Azaan from passing, and then get the coffee can for himself. Nice try!

Jaf likes to dig his nose in the snow, and usually gets covered in it. I think he looks really cute with snow all over his face! Such a cute boy!

Jaf beats Azaan to the coffee can. Woo Hoo!

Bottoms up!

I'll get it!

The girl reigns supreme!

Jaf ponders his options for his next move.

Follow the old girl -- she can blaze the trail!