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A Prayer for Morgan the Boerboel

Great news!  Morgan has been rescued by our good friend Paul in Plant City, FL.  Paul opened up his heart to the plight of this poor girl, and marched out to the training center that had her and picked her up a few minutes before she was scheduled to be euth'd by a vet.  Julie of Mostly Molossers Menagerie helped with the transition to Paul's house.  

Thanks go out to Paul for giving Morgan a chance at life in a home where she can know love and kindness.  


My heart is heavy tonight after hearing about the fate of Morgan the female Boerboel from Tampa, Florida.  Morgan will be 4 years old in April, but she won't get to see her 4th birthday.  Her owners purchased her as a puppy, but they soon discovered they couldn't handle her and sent her off to a professional trainer.  She has been living at the kennel/training facility since May 2009 in a 54" crate.  Her owners have been paying her bills, but they never came back and got her.  

Since that time, she was diagnosed with severe HD.  Johnson's Mostly Mastiffs Menagerie has been trying for several months to get her shipped to Pennsylvania where she could have a warm, loving home with a family.  Unfortunately, at the recommendation of a board certified ortho veterinarian, it was determined that Morgan's health problems were so severe that she would not have a good quality of life.   

Dr. Pardo from PVSEC graciously went over all of Morgan's records, x-rays, photos and videos today, and the short version is that her hip dysplasia and muscle atrophy is so severe that she is not a good candidate for any surgery that will either work or help her in the long run.  She also has at least one bad knee, and probably two.  There were no guarantees for her future, or that she would ever truly be pain-free.  Morgan will be 4 years old on April 12, 2011.  She has resided in a kennel/training facility since May 2009 in a 54" crate waiting for someone to give her what she needed.  Morgan has been failed by every person up until the last few weeks.  It is undeniably painful and sad.  Audrey has been the one person in Morgan's life who cared enough to work 'round the clock to find an end for Morgan's misery one way or the other.  Morgan deserves the life we want for all of them -- a loving home and a happy, healthy, playful, pain-free life, but for Morgan hers now will be instead one of a peaceful release tomorrow, March 16, 2011.

Keep Morgan in your thoughts and prayers...and in your hearts going forward.

Snow Play - Boerboels Have Fun!

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), shows his athleticism in the freshly fallen snow

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf) does one of his patented slides and turns

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf)

Jaf with another one of his patented moves

Jaf enjoys his ball on a rope

Boerboels Jumping - 2011

Azaan and Jaf show their form over fences as they negotiate a natural obstacle. 

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf)

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf)

Power's Legendary Azaan

Power's Legendary Azaan

Power from the Rear

A dog's power comes from its hindquarters.  Powerful hindquarters help a dog to run, jump, and change direction suddenly without risk of breakdown.  A dog uses his hindquarters for propulsion.  All power comes from the rear.   

Picture your dog's legs as springs.  When they carry themselves evenly over their back legs with their weight evenly distributed, they are on springs at their optimum position.  The dog can then propel himself left, right, forward, up or diagonally.  With adequate power from the rear coupled with balance, a dog can propel himself in any direction with ease.  

Jaf (Quo Vadis Barracuda) demonstrates this concept perfectly.  He can easily roll back on his haunches and propel himself straight upwards to a standing position.  He doesn't need to use his front paws to climb or lean on anything for balance.  As I said, all power comes from the rear!