OFA and Hip Extended View X-Rays to Determine HD in Dogs -- A Scam?

Here are two recent articles written by the veterinarian profession that question the value of hip-extended view x-rays as a way to determine HD in dogs.  Note that although these articles are written with regard to OFA, the hip-extended view x-rays are the same method used by BVA, FCI, etc.  The more I research this topic, the more I realize that the traditional hip-extended x-rays are nearly a waste of time and money.  For a vet to admit that it is a scam makes it even more believable.  I read about so many breeders who brag about their Boerboel's "perfect" hip x-rays!  If they are relying on anything other than PennHip, it looks the breeder can get more value out of those hip x-rays by using them as a tool to light their fireplace.  

In a day and age when veterinarians are calling for evidence based medicine, perhaps we should start following the medicine we have evidence for and stop recommending OFA certification in young patients. Perhaps we should put the following disclaimer out to pet owners before we perform an OFA evaluation…
“Hey owner – I have this test we can do to look for hip dysplasia. It really only works well if your dog has severe disease. In most cases, where disease is so sever that this test will be meaningful, I can detect disease by simply feeling your dog's hips.  In the vast majority of cases, however, the test does not really tell us much and we don’t even do a great job interpreting it anyway. I even have a radiologist  that I can sent the test to who will tell us that unless things are really severe we don’t know much about whether or not your dog will develop hip dysplasia. If you are cool with that, I would be happy to take your money."

Conclusion and Clinical Relevance—Dogs judged as phenotypically normal by the OFA harbored clinically important passive hip joint laxity as determined via distraction radiography. Results suggested that OFA scoring of HE radiographs underestimated susceptibility to osteoarthritis in dogs, which may impede progress in reducing or eliminating hip dysplasia through breeding.

Zoey - A Female Boerboel Rescue Looking for a Home

Great News!  Zoey has been rescued and is living the good life at her new home with Julie at Mostly Molossers Menagerie.  Julie, you are awesome!


Zoey is a female Boerboel located in Pennsylvania, USA that is looking for a home. She is a former brood bitch. She was rescued from spending the rest of her life being bred. She is good with children and adults, but she isn't great with dogs. Julie made a cute slideshow of Zoey that shows some additional pictures of her:

Zoey Slideshow

For anyone interested, she is currently with Perry County Animal Rescue in Central Pennsylvania:

Perry County Animal Rescue 

For additional information, you can send an e-mail to: PerryCountyAnimalRescue @ yahoo.com, or you can call 717-589-3005.