The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

It was the day before the night before Christmas (December 23rd for those wondering trying to figure out my riddle), not a creature was stirring, not even a Mouse.

Of course, the Son of Mouse was stirring -- stirring up TROUBLE that is!  Notice my genuine sheepskin slipper near Azaan's left back leg in the foreground of the first picture.  The dogs have never tried to chew the slippers, but they love to carry them to the field to play with.  As soon as they know we are heading out, one of them runs into the bedroom to grab a slipper to take with them.  They toss it in the air, as though they are hoping it will come back to life.  Baa-baa...  

Boerboels, Winter 2010

We have been having extremely cold weather for the last several weeks, breaking some records for cold in December. The dogs don't seem to mind, but I hate it! I haven't taken the dogs into the woods since deer season started Monday, November 29th, so this was the first time we have been out for several weeks. The dogs were in their glory! Jaf tracked down a deer (it was already dead, but he found it), and then he chased something up a tall tree. He and his best friend, Azaan, enjoy romping with each other.

We also went out tracking today. I laid the track on some very short, mowed grass that also had some snow cover on it. It was a 2-turn track. They did pretty well, but not as well as they did with the snow cover in higher grass. Maybe it is true that the scent sticks better to taller grass than shortly-cropped grass. I'm learning!

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), looking good at 17 months!

Boerboels Kick Up Their Heels in Fun!  I wish I had their energy!

Jaf Romping for Fun:

Jaf Play Attacks his BFF, Azaan:

The Dogs Keep Their Butts Toned Climbing Hills in Sewickley Hills, PA, USA:

Woo Hoo!

I Know It's Up There Somewhere!

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), takes a short break:

Jaf on the Hillside at a Trot:

Jaf Scales the Mountain: 

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), 17 Months:

Azaan and Jaf having Fun -- Jaf is Off the Ground -- AGAIN!

Azaan Plays with the Manure Bucket

Jaf Cuts a Move

Jaf -- Off the Ground, Yes Again!

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), 17 Months

A Beautiful Tribute to a Beautiful Boerboel

This video is from a friend of mine, so I hope Gerry doesn't mind that I cross-post it. I liked this video so much that I just have to share it. It is really beautiful, and it sums up the loyalty and devotion of a Boerboel with its people. I think you will enjoy it. I have watched it several times, and I love the majesty and presence of the Boerboel. The male never takes his eyes off his handler, and the devotion shines through. I love it!

Foundation Tracking in Light Snow

We got our first light snow of the Winter, and I decided to continue to work on the dogs tracking in these weather conditions. Both dogs seem to really enjoy tracking. Jaf nearly pulls me off the porch when he knows we are going tracking.

These aren't the greatest videos. I had to set up the camera on the tripod. I couldn't get the entire track into the screen, so some of the track is cut off. It consists of 3 turns. One turn is missing from this video because of the camera angle, but you can see the balance of the track in the snow. I am a novice at tracking, but you can see that the dogs have their nose to the ground and follow the track without encouragement. The end of the track and the article find are also cut off because of the position of the camera. When they get to the end and find the article, we have a little party!!

Jaf's first track in snow:

Azaan's first track in snow:

Azaan vs Manure Bucket

I was in the field a few days ago and I used the manure bucket to pick up the casings that house chestnuts from the chestnut tree. When I tried to carry the manure bucket back to the barn, Azaan had different ideas. As soon as I started to carry it, she decided she would try her hand at it. She ended up having a bit of fun with the manure bucket!

If you got this far and you watch this video, then you will know that Azaan is a nut! I have always maintained that a Boerboel is a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Albert Einstein and Mickey Mouse. You be the judge!

K9 Travel Bowl

I love the new products coming out to make our lives easier for our dogs.  Here is the latest -- it is a K9 Travel  Bowl for water.  It easily slips into the cup holder in your car.  It features a wide enough opening so that the dog can drink, plus it has a spill resistant rim to prevent spilling.  It also has a car-to-crate adapter so that you can attached it to the crate.  I haven't tried it yet, but I have one on order.

K9 Travel Mugs - The dog travel bowl that fits in your cupholder

Random Photos and Fun - November 2010

Jaf (Quo Vadis Barracuda) is 16 months old in these photos, and Azaan (Power's Legendary Azaan) just turned 3 years old in the middle of November 2010.  Time flies!  The two of them still get along super.  They can play very rough with one another, but they never seem to take it personal.  Both are extremely agile and athletic.  I couldn't ask for better dogs.

We have been tracking about 4 - 5 times per week, and we are also working on obedience.  I  hope to get back to the Schutzhund Club soon.

Jaf executes his patented "airs above the ground" maneuver.  Considering his size, he is one agile young man!

Jaf had just completed rooting through the ground after scenting on a mole.  Note the dirt on his face.  Funny pup!

Jaf after the tennis ball.

Jaf prefers Diet Coke to keep his figure trim.

Jaf's Liberace imitation?  Or is this Jerry Lee Lewis?

Azaan still spends some time every day doing the zoomies.

Jaf, the serious side.

Azaan negotiating the log jump in the woods.

Boerboels play soccer.

Boerboel friends slow dance.


Azaan gives Jaf a piece of her mind (someone has to keep him in line).  Actually, she loves him a lot and they only play fight.

Jaf's butt continues to get muscled out!

Hey,sis, can I play too?

Jaf, another serious moment.  Actually, I think he is plotting an attack on Azaan.

Jaf, aka Twinkle Toes.

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease...

Quo Vadis Barracuda, 16 months, bred by Jenny Wells of Quo Vadis Boerboels in South Africa.

Jaf, on a quick little jaunt.

Jaf's favorite pastime, picking on Azaan.

The red boy Jaf strikes a pose.

Jaf rarely is on all 4's...

Azaan takes a pouncing from Jaf.