Sit Stay and Down Stay at the Outdoor Shopping Plaza

I took the dogs to the outdoor shopping plaza a few days ago, and worked on their sit stay and down stay with distractions.  I would say they did pretty well!

Azaan in her sit stay:

Azaan and Jaf in a group down stay:

Boerboel Rescue: Young Brindle Male Boerboel for Adoption in Maryland

There is a young brindle male Boerboel located in Southern Maryland that is looking for a permanent home.  He looks like a nice dog.  Hopefully someone will consider him in lieu of buying a puppy.  He was born on 11/15/2009, so he is only about 1-1/2 years old.  His name is Bronx.  

He is currently located with in Southern Maryland.  All pertinent info and contact information listed in the following Photoshow.

Boerboel Rescue: Bronx, 1-1/2 year Brindle Male for Adoption

If you think you are interested, contact  Thank you!

Boerboels by the "Score"

In my opinion, the appraisal system for Boerboels is being over-used to sell puppies.  If you are looking at Boerboel puppies, don't get caught up in the arbitrary score assigned by an appraisal system, a hip score or health score.  These are only numbers, and are not indicative of the dog that you will be getting.  At the end of the day, assess your requirements for a dog.  You won't be living with a piece of paper or a score sheet.  The Boerboel was meant to be a working dog, not a score.

A quick Google query of "Boerboel Puppies for Sale" shows the heavy advertising of Boerboels based on their score.  The score doesn't make the dog, it's a way to advertise puppies and brag that your puppies are better than the next guys.  Form follows function, not the other way around.