Wild Man Jaf and Azaan

It's bit a while since I have posted some photos of my own dogs, Jaf and Azaan.  Both are doing very well.  Both have been extremely healthy all of their lives so far, and neither have required any unplanned vet visits.  That's quite a rarity in the Boerboel breed!  I just read that someone who lives in the Chicago area has a male imported from one of the largest breeders in South Africa.  His young male was just health tested a few days ago, and the results were E1, E1 Hips and 3:3 Elbows.  It doesn't get any worse than that! 

If you are seriously considering a Boerboel, please be careful when you make your selection of a breeder.

On to the photos.  We have had an extremely hot Summer so far with temperatures usually nearing 100 degrees F, but that doesn't slow down the gang! 

AKC Should Stand Up for Dogs

I have been perplexed recently at why AKC continues to bombard my e-mail inbox with panic-stricken messages about why it is important to protect small breeders from a proposed law by APHIS that would require small breeders to submit to kennel inspections.  Note that breeders with less than 5 intact females are exempt from the law.

Maybe this is the reason that AKC is so anxious to protect breeders, and not the dogs?

This is a picture of an AKC inspected kennel in North Carolina that was closed down in May of 2012.  The breeder was selling AKC puppies online.  AKC had inspected the facility in 2011. 

Pennsylvania Dog Purchaser Protection Act

I am constantly bombarded with horror stories about people who buy puppies only to find out that they have been ripped off by the breeder. There are some good breeders out there obviously, but you really need to do your homework to make sure that you won't be the next victim of a breeder whose only goal is profit.

I just recently heard from a buyer located in Virginia that sent a $500 deposit to a breeder in Ohio for a Boerboel puppy. The breeding never took place. The puppy never materialized, and the buyer never got a refund of her $500. After the buyer unsuccessfully tried to contact the breeder, the Ohio breeder eventually changed her e-mail address and telephone number.

Sometimes I think it is just as important to buy a puppy from a breeder in a State that has puppy protection laws for consumers! Do your homework, and make sure that the breeder you select for your next puppy is ethical (or does business in a state with strong consumer protection laws for puppies).

I am happy to report that Pennsylvania has a law called the Dog Purchaser Protection Act, where a buyer can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office if they feel they have been a victim of an unscrupulous breeder/puppy seller.  Don't hesitate to file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office if you feel you have been the victim of a bad puppy deal. I live in Pennsylvania, and I am proud of our laws in this state with respect to animal welfare, kennel inspections for all breeders, and consumer protection laws such as this one.

Pennsylvania Dog Purchaser Protection Act
Have fun with your new puppy! It should be a joyous time; not a nightmare from a bad deal at the hands of an unscrupulous dog breeder.