Jaf, a Boerboel Puppy

I took this photo of Jaf on his second day in the US.  He was born in the Kwa Zulu Natal region of South Africa.  He was a trooper on his flight over from RSA.  He was hungry when he got off the plane, but none the worse for the wear.

I shot this picture on my property on his second day in the United States.  He was 9 weeks old.  This picture has been making the rounds on the internet and Pinterest, so I know a few people like my photo!  It is a nice enough photo that I thought I would share it again.

Jaf the Boerboel Puppy copyright Sharon Bank
Jaf, the Boerboel puppy, owned and loved by Sharon B.

Jaf is a red male Boerboel.  He has his SABBS birth certificate/registration, and he is also registered with AKC.  I expect to register him soon with UKC.  He is a farm dog that enjoys life on the farm.  

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