Introducing Quo Vadis Barracuda (aka Jaf), 9 weeks old

Quo Vadis Barracuda (aka Jaf) arrived at Washington DC Dulles International Airport in the USA after a 30+ hour flight from South Africa. He was 9 weeks old when he arrived. Jaf was born with 10 other littermates on a 600 acre sugar cane farm in the North Coast region of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. His dam is Mizpah Minnie (aka Mousey) and his sire is Grasland GBT Ozzy. He was bred by Jenny Wells of Quo Vadis Boerboels,

This photo shows Jaf in his crate upon arrival from South Africa. He was howling and howling to get out of the crate. The authorities had him in a secure area on a pallet behind locked doors pending completion of his paperwork into the United States.

We brought food, water, towels and blankets so that we would be prepared for Jaf's arrival. As soon as we got him out of the airport, we went to a grassy area nearby so that he could stretch his legs. He was very happy to get out of the crate! He then had to ride in the car on the way home while sitting on my sister's lap.

This photo shows Jaf on his first day in the US when he was 9 weeks old. Jaf now lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania on a small horse farm.

Before we took him home, we had planned an off site introduction to Azaan. Boerboels can be very territorial of their home and property, so we wanted to make sure that Jaf's introduction to Azaan would go smoothly. Azaan has been well socialized with people and dogs, so I knew she would be fine with Jaf in a neutral meeting area. The introduction was uneventful, and now they are the best of friends.

Quo Vadis Barracuda (Jaf), a male Boerboel puppy, 9 weeks old

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