Boerboels Playing in the Snow

These photos were taken on February 25th. We have had the 3rd snowiest month in history in this area. The dogs don't seem to mind it, and enjoy playing in it. Jaf is not quite 8 months old in these photos.

Azaan with her coffee can toy. Azaan is 27 months old in these photos.

Jaf tries to stalk Azaan. There is a crusty layer of snow underneath, and then fresh snowfall on top. It makes it tricky to walk on. I can't wait for Spring!

Can you believe the size of this boy? Azaan is a fairly big girl, and Jaf is nearly her size, and he is not quite 8 months old. The breeder wasn't breeding for size either. Jaf's Mom, Mizpah Minnie, is a petite but athletic Boerboel.

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