Groundhogs in the Pasture

Groundhogs in the pasture are a major problem since the holes that they dig can be dangerous for horses. They are formidable opponents for a dog, but most of the dogs I have owned have been able to kill them swiftly. I don't like to see the dogs tangle with a groundhog, but I do hope that their presence will convince the groundhogs to pack their bags and move down the road. Wishful thinking, maybe? My groundhog population has definitely diminished after I got the dogs. My Bandog (American Bulldog/Great Dane) that I had from 1997 - 2007 killed 9 groundhogs in 7 days. She earned her keep!

Boerboels are originally from South Africa, where the name Boerboel means "farmer dog". Azaan is very prey-driven, and Jaf also has a high prey drive. Azaan loves to chase rabbits and squirrels, and she hunts for groundhogs. Note that she has a white patch on the back of her neck, but this groundhog hole is so deep that you can't see the white on the back of her neck. Jaf is learning how to hunt and chase wildlife.

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