My Life is Going to the Birds!

I was trying to get some work done in the house when I heard a melodic "toot toot" sound outside. I could hear the dogs were onto something. Knowing that the squirrels make a chattering noise, this was quite different. I went outside, and found a large bird on the roof of my van! I am assuming this is a turkey, but I don't really know. They belong to my neighbor. This is just what I needed on a busy day!

If you look closely at this picture, you will see no less than 8 piles of turkey poo on the roof of my van. Grrrr. He seemed so happy and friendly though, and I love my neighbors. I figured that a little bit of turkey doo-doo wasn't the end of the world.

Okay, so I how do I get him off the top of my van? Two of his buddies were hanging out under the pine trees, so there was a total of three. I was pretty sure that I could get Azaan to scare him down and herd him on home without hurting him. I was right.

I don't think the van suffered too many toenail scratches as she jumped up at the roof of the van to scare him down. As soon as he flew off the van he took off after his buddies under the trees. Then the chase was on. When Mr. Van Rider took off in the wrong direction, Azaan swung wide and brought him back to going the right direction. She chased them a few hundred feet towards the direction of their home. At this point, I think they were scared shitless (no pun intended) so they were running for dear life. After I was certain they were committed to go the whole way home, I recalled Azaan and she came right back. What a good girl!

No dead ducks at this house!!

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